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Literary & Cultural Heritage Map of PA

Launched in 2000, the Pennsylvania Center for the Book’s Literary & Cultural Heritage Map of PA is an online geospatial map of short biographies and essays relevant to the Commonwealth and organized by PA’s 67 counties and by the awards and vocations of notable PA figures. This was one of the first online maps to replace paper literary maps published by English teachers across the nation. Pennsylvania's 1959 paper map can be seen here, along with the first online edition of PA’s Literary Map.

Today, over 1,100 pieces written by Penn State students and local writers explore notable landmarks and events, such as The Mason-Dixon Line and Zombie Prom; reveal the origin of popular inventions, including Zippo lighters and emoticons; and detail the lives and accomplishments of renowned writers, athletes, stars, and more, including John Updike, Joe Maddon, Hilda Doolittle, Ellen Bass, and many others.

To explore PA figures: use the Search fields below; zoom in/out using the +/- icons in the left-hand corner of the map and then click a circle for popup info and biography links; or view the Full List of Biographies. Tips: Click the right/left arrows in a popup to view multiple figures associated with the same location. Click between circles to identify an outlined county. Map with additional functions